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Jeffree Star Gossip about New Shane Dawson Doc

Ken Burns of the YouTube era, Shane Dawson, released his latest documentary on Tuesday. This is an hour-long series of articles about makeup artists, theatrical magnets and people who are very sorry for those racist remarks, Jeffree Star. The broad view of the doctor of the beautiful world called Jeffree Star is that Star and Dawson followed Star and Dawson’s point of view when Star and Dawson established their cosmetics brand. Dawson opened the door at Dawson’s home, and he was on a Star private jet to travel to Star’s Sacramento. Star will meet at Morphe’s local shopping mall outpost, a makeup company known for working with YouTubers.

morphe sale
morphe sale

Warning now: Dawson’s documentary (many of which, including the previous Star Wars feature) suffered from the same virus that now plagues most YouTube content: Toolongitis. (For example, this is Tana Mongeau’s 15-minute video, which can be summed up in one sentence: Billie Eilish didn’t pay attention to me on Instagram.) As a loyal fan of Dawson, he is unhealthy about his adaptation to a documentary fan, I can look at it. It’s really a whole day, but I admit, thank God, not everyone. So let me tell you the most exciting moments of the week so that you can at least not be embarrassed in the face of the next cool teenager you meet.

With about 36 minutes of bells, Dawson and Star and Star’s team are wandering around the hotel suite with makeup artist and net red Lipstick Nick. Nickstick Nick called from “Cameron.” Dawson asked if she was referring to Cameron Dallas, but no one confirmed it. “[Bleep] tried to fuck him. I think he said no. I don’t remember,” Star said of an unnamed influencer and Dallas. Dawson’s team may not already like the name of Star, but if you believe in the Internet army of Gossip Detective, it is alleged that James Charles, another YouTube expert, she It is deeply ingrained in the TV series and cannot even be explained simply. (But try: Charles was previously called by a YouTube employee for reasons including suspected predatory behavior.) Earlier this year, Charles posted a screenshot with a text screen shot in which Star threatened him. Expose his words. He mentioned “Cameron” in the text. Later in the video, Dawson zoomed in on the face of Charles in the Morphe store.

Other important news from the Ph.D.: Dawson said that YouTube is worse than Star – his worth is estimated at $75 million – and the next issue seems to be that the two will frankly understand the money behind the YouTube star. Star said that his relationship with Gabriel Zamora is very good. (Once again, I warned you of some proper nouns.) Dawson also frankly realized that strangers would separate parts of their body from one pound on the line. Moreover, as an interesting exercise, Star only allowed him to wear Star goods throughout the journey. Watching the second part, there is no doubt that this will include more branded sportswear.

Jeffree Stars partnership with Morphe is now available at Boots UK

The Jeffree Star x Morphe Artistry palette is unveiled!

 Boots have been officially approved by Jeffree Star.

We thought that Boots might not get better after bringing us Fenty Beauty and delicious meal deals, but they pulled out the trump card. Morphe has been launched in Boots stores and online stores, which means that beauty lovers in the UK will eventually be able to purchase the Jeffree Star x Morphe collection – eek!

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All true makeup fans will know that this has been a long time. Getting Jeffree Star makeup without having to pay high customs fees has been tricky until a few sites like Beauty Bay sold Jeffree Star makeup to UK customers before Boots was put in storage.

morphe sale
morphe sale

Therefore, if you have been eager to purchase the Jeffree Star x Morphe 30 Artistry Palette, it will be exclusively available on Boots Online until October 11th at a price of £35. You can also purchase the rest of the range, including brushes, sponges and styling sprays.

Morphe is known for its affordable price and collaboration with YouTube channels such as James Charles and Jaclyn Hill. In addition to stocking products in Boots, Morphe has opened three UK stores in Westfield Stratford City, Bullring Birmingham and Liverpool ONE.

morphe sale
morphe sale

Boots’ Morphe selection actually started on September 12 and can be found on its website. I hope that we can also shop in the store soon.

20% off Morphes most popular eye shadow tray K sister recommended makeup brush

Open-air eye shadow disc fighters Novice essential makeup brushes Tubing up to recommend makeup Newcomers are the easiest to use eye shadow tray

Morphe is a brand recommended by Chinese youtuber in China.

The price is super cheap. The price of the open frame is the quality and packaging of the counter brand.


Or 20% off when you are on the Black Friday, don’t want money.

A set of income is all beautiful and used to lose the morphe eye shadow disk

Hi! I am your april.

Today, I will change the format for you to see the eye shadow test. Next, there will be nearly 30 color test eyes for the individual color test notes. I will also choose a few long notes, because after I finish the three large plates, my arm basically loses the layer. So maybe only one or two more one day.

Anyway, thank you, my little fairies have always refused to abandon me more slowly, refills

The plate to be said today is really a plate I highly recommend, rest assured, and confiscate the money.

I have never heard of this brand before, but I was caught by this color when I visited a beauty website in the country. Plus the price is cheap to cry, 35 colors is about 50 Australian dollars, 250rmb more? There is no such green, blue and purple, which is the tender color of the fat sausage, in other words, there is no color.

After getting the hand, I was shocked by this package. It was really not artificial. The texture is probably the worst one in my hand. The plastic explosion.

But after being opened, I was surprised again, and the real thing is so good! All kinds of sequins, polarized, and creamy sequins, just flashed into my heart.

Besides, the powdery, soft and soft, a little wet powder taste, will fly powder, but not serious, strong color, good smudge, my girl’s heart is taking pink bubbles when the arm is trying, including A lot of people asked for a plate, although it was very unpopular, I didn’t even search for a homework.

The girl who doesn’t make up the makeup often thinks that this plate is enough to cover all your daily eye makeup.

but! There is no matte color, but I personally don’t mind, because I don’t like matte eye makeup every day. When the eyes are not good, the makeup is easy to get dirty. Plus the sequins are blingbling in various lights. It’s easy to make people feel excited (don’t give me a microphone without a story)

The price is good for this plate, the color is of course the full score, the powder quality requirements are not too high, anyway, it is to touch the conscience of this price. bought!

Morphe JC39 color magic disk

It’s been almost two months since I bought it, but I’ve been forgetting it since I’ve finished it. It’s been hot until I’ve been in the JC event. I’m not thinking about his character morphe. It’s really me. One of the super favorite brands! The price is beautiful! The price is always so high! After I bought 39A, I vowed that I would not buy morphe again, because I felt that I had enough of such a large plate. I didn’t expect to hit the face so fast.

Back to the topic, this makeup was also painted when I got this plate. Yes, two months ago, the patient with advanced procrastination was not saved.

If you like color eyeshadow like me, this one can be used. When you want to paint some creative makeup or hit the color makeup, you can open the plate and look for inspiration from it. Several seemingly strange colors are combined. Surprisingly good looking

Of course, I believe that the morphe’s powder quality doesn’t need me to say more. Before I used to compare the colored eye discs, I bought the orange ones. The monochromatic ones were bought by myself. The advantage of monochrome is that I bought them all. I like the color, by the way, I don’t have the color that I don’t have. If I just want to buy a morphe, I personally recommend 39A.

Yes, the new purple powder plate 39S, I also inexplicably placed the order recently, I began to indulge in purple, it may take about a month to get it, I promise to update you to try it out this time!

Come to a morphe brush

Come with a morphe brush. His home brush is simply too cheap… I can’t bear to buy a mac girl to buy her home!

How to choose and use a makeup brush

Purchase address:, I do not make purchasing.

I received a morphe parcel today and was taxed for $33.

There are a total of 20 brushes, all of which are single without a set of brushes. When checking out, it is 200 Canadian dollars, plus 33 taxed.

I took a photo of it, and I will slowly introduce new notes to each of the details.

Figure 2: Powder brush / painting: loose powder powder blush repair capacity highlights can be. Five all black mane.

Figure 3: Blending bruah / smudge brush: size and size, facial eye smudge. Three black manes, one white mountain wool, one mixed mountain wool mane

Figure 4: Mane. The two official descriptions are blending (large) and shader (small), but the hair is too flexible and hard, I will do the concealer.

Figure 5: Large eyeshadow/big eye shadow brush: one white mountain wool, three mixed wool mountain wool.

Figure 6: medium eyeshadow / medium eye shadow brush: three mane, two mane mixed with wool.

Figure 7: small eyeshadow / small eye shadow brush: two mane, two mane mixed with wool.

The above classification is based on my personal habits and is not an official classification. I will post the official description for the notes that follow.

After the black mane brush is washed, it will be very unkempt. If you don’t want to be unkempt, don’t squeeze the water too dry, and set the head to hang down to dry. If you want to be puffy, squeeze the water out. Brush it on a clean towel and brush it to remove the remaining water and dry it. After drying, the brush will be very fluffy.

The king of cost-effective Morphe is beckoning to you

The eye shadow disc that I want to talk about this time is the cooperation between Morphe and YouTube beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill, which has 5 million fans. This disc is 37 pounds with 35 colors and an average of 1 pound per color. It is more expensive than the ordinary 35-color disc of the morphe family. It is 23 pounds. I have tried it on the arm from left to right in each line (Fig. 3-7). Then all the colors I took out alone are in the color. Figure 8

Let me talk about packaging first (Figure 2). The one I bought is that the difference between the new packaging and the old packaging is not the only difference. The new packaging has the name of each color at the bottom of the box (I have tried to shoot but the name is very reflective. I can’t see clearly, so I put the name of each color on Figure 1.) If there is a small card in the old packaging, I personally think that the packaging of this disk is much better than the ordinary eye shadow disk (Figure 9)! And when you put this in your hand, you can fold the top cover to the back. It is convenient to pick it up (especially the makeup artists).

Speaking of the story of the plate, the beauty blogger said that she spent two years to choose these 35 colors and the color of the non-stop color is different in the method of pressing the eye shadow. She also said that there is a color ( Obessed) She tried 25 samples to set the final color.

I want to say the color of the whole plate. I think it is really a plate in the world. I think that all the skin beauty can use this plate because there are really colors from warm to cool pearl to matte from practical. Colors to exaggerated colors should be enough if you travel or travel with a plate is enough (unless you have the same choice as me, you must bring a lot of phobia)

On the powdery quality, I don’t think that this plate is not losing the big price. It’s even better than the same price. If you count it, it’s no more expensive than colourpop. Because people have 35 colors, no matter the texture, the color is better than the bubble. It’s a lot better and it’s not so much flying powder. Although some colors are better than others, they don’t have much impact.

Next, let me say that I like or say that the special colors Creamscicle and Butter (forgot to take a picture in Figure 8 can be found) are very suitable for halo dyeing, especially if you use a lot of colors on the upper eyelids and then feel there A particularly obvious dividing line, then use these two colors to smudge the eyelids at this time (more recommended butter). My favorite in the whole dish should be Firework. It is a pearly reddish brown and practical Hillster. It is also a pearl reddish brown but it is darker than the Firework color. It is beautiful and it is Hustle. I feel it is a dirty gray. It is very special and there is a Pool Party. I feel a very refreshing feeling. It is very suitable for summer cut crease. The last one is I think a beautiful purple-Twerk

Then say so much. In short, this dish can be said to be very recommended.

The cost-effective fairy eye shadow disk buy it

Morphe’s 35m matte disc is probably the most cost-effective eye shadow disc at my fingertips!! ️My plate is full of matte, huge practical, don’t look at it more colors, each one is very useful, bottoming, eye shadow, even nose shadows are done

This is really a true love eye shadow disk, and this big plate is only 16 dollars, do not buy what?

Those delicate people, they have 12 eyeshadows

There are more chicken soup bloggers, emotional experts’ articles, and every girl wants to grow into a refined woman.

What exactly is a refined woman? Must be a half-month salary to buy a skirt to be considered exquisite? Is it not enough to buy a sweater for $100?

Although everyone has different definitions of exquisiteness, Xiao M feels that it is not high-grade, exquisite, but exquisite. Exquisiteness should be concerned with oneself and not with the flow. Exquisite people understand fashion, but they will not blindly pursue fashion.

Their styling may be like a day, because they know how to dress and style is more important than fashion.

Just like the exquisite goddess Audrey Hepburn, her hair is always meticulously combed when she is in her 20s or 60s. Her dress is always generous and self-cultivating, showing her personality and feeling. Comfortable, this is exquisite.

Exquisiteness is not only appearance, but also a life attitude. The delicate woman is peaceful and rich. They like to read and be good at thinking. They seem to have no competition but have their own judgments and standards for everything, so they often give The feeling of being close to people.

The so-called unskilled people are all the same, and the refined people have their own exquisiteness.

Just like the exquisite Morphe Babes, they have twelve eye shadow brushes.

Morphe black wood series eye makeup brush, a set of 12, upgraded texture, eye makeup, a full set of eye makeup brush, to create exquisite eye makeup.

Double-headed bevel brush: the beveled brush head, which depicts the natural exquisite eyebrow shape; the spiral brush head makes the eyebrow makeup transition natural, and can also brush out the roots and distinct eyelashes.

Focus on the smudge brush: suitable for delineating key areas such as double eyelid folds and lower eye tails

Eye detail brush: brighten the eyes and lying silkworms, small range of eyeshadow

Detail line brush: precise depiction of detail eyeliner

Smudge brush: smudge the edge of the eye, transition naturally, or use for nasal smudge

Large shadow brush: for large area of ​​the eye, sweeping the nose or highlights

Smoked brush: suitable for blooming at the end of the eye and lower eyelid

Small focus smudge brush: round head eye brush for eye shadow detail processing

Small Smudge Brush: Compact brush head for easy handling of discordant edges

Flat eyeliner brush: A flat-shaped flat design makes it easy to outline the perfect eyeliner

11 Eyeshadow Paving Brush: Flat brush surface, suitable for large-area coloring, creating a rich layering of eye makeup

12 Concealer Brush: Suitable for concealing in small areas, or coloring the end of the eyes

Morphe black wood series eye makeup brush, the necessary weapon for eye makeup lovers, the secret of the delicate woman’s cultivation.

High-quality synthetic bristles, delicate and soft, comfortable to touch without touching the face; fit eye design, strong grip, natural smudge, strong color; leather storage bag, easy to carry, full of advanced

Be a refined woman, say goodbye to the fingertips era, and make a brush out of the crowd.

MORPHE#Morphe overseas brand store

Don’t catch this avocado green, the summer will pass.

Recently, all major platforms are commenting on the popular color of the summer. There is no doubt that the avocado color is the first to be popular.

Especially the fresh, natural, tender and high-grade avocado makeup, it is really too good with the hot summer, whether it is with the full of coral orange, the sexy starry purple, or the warm and passionate sunset red, both It is a perfect blend of personality and charm.

Look at Morphe Sale for a sweet but not greasy avocado blend with a Morphe 35M Wizard of Oz 35-color eyeshadow. Rich rich color choices, multiple gradients, intense layering, avocado, oranges, The sweetness of grapes and pineapples, the eye-catching index bursts, and hurry up and draw together.

Coral Orange Fire Up bottoming large eye socket

Enchanting purple Transformer small area blooming eye socket and eye tail

Avocado green Stroke of Luck blooming on the eye to the speech at 2/3, truncated eye shadow to create Europe

Bright flash Popstar lights the center of the eye and the corner of the eye

With Morphe Moisturizing Lipstick, Super European and American style Brag stunning rust red and Caught personality to eat earth color, create a different look

Do you want to stop the people, and you can’t stop the Morphe 35M Wizard of Oz, you have a heart?

Rich color of avocado green + coral orange + star purple + sunset red

Collection matte + pearl + micro flash three textures

Colorful and colorful

Full color, soft, soft

Natural extension

Come on, come on.