July 2019 – Page 2 – Morphe Sale

Eye makeup tutorial morphe 35O super cost-effective 35 color eyeshadow

I have had a morphe eye makeup before! There are little fairies who want to know how to draw! So I posted the steps today! Simply nanny level tutorial! Hahahahaha! This time the base color and the last base color are not the same color, because I prefer the reddish-brown eye makeup, so this time […]

Three years of makeup, a set of eyeshadow

Morphe daily color inventory It’s not that my skills are not good, no Morphe is enough. 16 dollars, 35 colors than colorpop, nyx cost is much higher. The powder is also fine, not agglomerated and easy to smudge Super like super like, because of swollen eyes, can only use matte color, 35OM is right for […]