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Jeffree Star Gossip about New Shane Dawson Doc

Ken Burns of the YouTube era, Shane Dawson, released his latest documentary on Tuesday. This is an hour-long series of articles about makeup artists, theatrical magnets and people who are very sorry for those racist remarks, Jeffree Star. The broad view of the doctor of the beautiful world called Jeffree Star is that Star and […]

Jeffree Stars partnership with Morphe is now available at Boots UK

The Jeffree Star x Morphe Artistry palette is unveiled!  Boots have been officially approved by Jeffree Star. We thought that Boots might not get better after bringing us Fenty Beauty and delicious meal deals, but they pulled out the trump card. Morphe has been launched in Boots stores and online stores, which means that beauty […]

20% off Morphes most popular eye shadow tray K sister recommended makeup brush

Open-air eye shadow disc fighters Novice essential makeup brushes Tubing up to recommend makeup Newcomers are the easiest to use eye shadow tray Morphe is a brand recommended by Chinese youtuber in China. The price is super cheap. The price of the open frame is the quality and packaging of the counter brand. Value Or […]

A set of income is all beautiful and used to lose the morphe eye shadow disk

Hi! I am your april. Today, I will change the format for you to see the eye shadow test. Next, there will be nearly 30 color test eyes for the individual color test notes. I will also choose a few long notes, because after I finish the three large plates, my arm basically loses the […]

Morphe JC39 color magic disk

It’s been almost two months since I bought it, but I’ve been forgetting it since I’ve finished it. It’s been hot until I’ve been in the JC event. I’m not thinking about his character morphe. It’s really me. One of the super favorite brands! The price is beautiful! The price is always so high! After […]

Come to a morphe brush

Come with a morphe brush. His home brush is simply too cheap… I can’t bear to buy a mac girl to buy her home! How to choose and use a makeup brush Purchase address:, I do not make purchasing. I received a morphe parcel today and was taxed for $33. There are a total […]

The king of cost-effective Morphe is beckoning to you

The eye shadow disc that I want to talk about this time is the cooperation between Morphe and YouTube beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill, which has 5 million fans. This disc is 37 pounds with 35 colors and an average of 1 pound per color. It is more expensive than the ordinary 35-color disc of the […]

The cost-effective fairy eye shadow disk buy it

Morphe’s 35m matte disc is probably the most cost-effective eye shadow disc at my fingertips!! ️My plate is full of matte, huge practical, don’t look at it more colors, each one is very useful, bottoming, eye shadow, even nose shadows are done This is really a true love eye shadow disk, and this big plate […]

Those delicate people, they have 12 eyeshadows

There are more chicken soup bloggers, emotional experts’ articles, and every girl wants to grow into a refined woman. What exactly is a refined woman? Must be a half-month salary to buy a skirt to be considered exquisite? Is it not enough to buy a sweater for $100? Although everyone has different definitions of exquisiteness, […]

Don’t catch this avocado green, the summer will pass.

Recently, all major platforms are commenting on the popular color of the summer. There is no doubt that the avocado color is the first to be popular. Especially the fresh, natural, tender and high-grade avocado makeup, it is really too good with the hot summer, whether it is with the full of coral orange, the […]