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Morphe Jaclyn Hill color wheel

Morphe Jacklyn Hill color plate Suqqu autumn new product 113/114+Morphe 39S I know that there was a huge wave of JH series on the Internet before, but there is a saying, I think the color is really good, and I used several colors in the three plates in the four plates. The powder is really […]

I have a Morphe X Jaclyn Hill eye shadow tray in the hands of the world

After a wave of hype, I finally received it at the price of 20% after I announced that it was the normal state to enter the ULTA. The color palette of the entire disc contains earth color, transition color / eye socket color, and color. There is a kind of plate in hand, the feeling […]

Morphe x Jaclyn hill

Quality control Morphe x Jaclyn hill ten color eyeshadow P2 ARMED&GORGEOUS color matching is very beautiful, matte powder dry, soft pearly, good color P3 DARK MAGIC This plate is too cold, the matte is very dry, the pearls are grayish P4 RING THE ALARM A warm and full-fledged plate, which is the most practical one, […]

Morphe Eye Shadow Buckle

This Morphe 350M is the first eye shadow in my life. It is a full-matte reddish-brown eye shadow that is very visible. At that time, I saw many European and American youtubers pushing Morphe, so I bought it with the wind. But the frequency of buying it was really very small, and then one day, […]

My Morphe Family

Morphe is simply a fighter in the cheap eye shadow, not only the brush is easy to use, the eye shadow disk is also a must. A large plate, the price is not high, it covers a variety of light colors, dark pearl, matte, one plate is enough to create all kinds of eye makeup. […]

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill 35

Today, I will introduce you to a Morphe X Jaclyn Hill 35-color eyeshadow tray that is popular in Europe and America. Morphe has always been one of my favorite brands. The price/performance ratio can be said to be super invincible. I will choose Morphe’s eye shadow tray for all eye-catching makeup brands, because the same […]

MORPHE – JACLYNHILL cooperation eye shadow disc full test color

This kind of arm color test is more tired than I thought. When I first knew this set, I was all right. I waited for two months and finally waited for it (the purchase voucher was put last). I don’t discuss this person with JH, but her joint product is still very good. I also […]

Today is the creamy apricot color eye makeup

It is still the morphe 35om disk, this plate is really similar in color but can play a lot of tricks, actually can draw such a gentle color! Tutorial in the fourth picture 1, choose a warm powder color base, painted the entire eyelid 2, light warm orange brown, it is difficult to describe this […]