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The cost-effective fairy eye shadow disk buy it

Morphe’s 35m matte disc is probably the most cost-effective eye shadow disc at my fingertips!! ️My plate is full of matte, huge practical, don’t look at it more colors, each one is very useful, bottoming, eye shadow, even nose shadows are done This is really a true love eye shadow disk, and this big plate […]

Don’t catch this avocado green, the summer will pass.

Recently, all major platforms are commenting on the popular color of the summer. There is no doubt that the avocado color is the first to be popular. Especially the fresh, natural, tender and high-grade avocado makeup, it is really too good with the hot summer, whether it is with the full of coral orange, the […]

Morphe Eye Shadow Buckle

This Morphe 350M is the first eye shadow in my life. It is a full-matte reddish-brown eye shadow that is very visible. At that time, I saw many European and American youtubers pushing Morphe, so I bought it with the wind. But the frequency of buying it was really very small, and then one day, […]

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill 35

Today, I will introduce you to a Morphe X Jaclyn Hill 35-color eyeshadow tray that is popular in Europe and America. Morphe has always been one of my favorite brands. The price/performance ratio can be said to be super invincible. I will choose Morphe’s eye shadow tray for all eye-catching makeup brands, because the same […]

Today is the creamy apricot color eye makeup

It is still the morphe 35om disk, this plate is really similar in color but can play a lot of tricks, actually can draw such a gentle color! Tutorial in the fourth picture 1, choose a warm powder color base, painted the entire eyelid 2, light warm orange brown, it is difficult to describe this […]

Eye shadow fanatics

As an eye-shadow fanatic, you must have a strong MORPHE eye shadow disk. This is the most cost-effective and most cost-effective of all the eye shadows I know. Although many people still don’t understand this brand, he is not only from the powder, but also from the powder. In terms of chromaticity and saturation, you […]