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Morphe x Jaclyn hill

Quality control Morphe x Jaclyn hill ten color eyeshadow

P2 ARMED&GORGEOUS color matching is very beautiful, matte powder dry, soft pearly, good color

P3 DARK MAGIC This plate is too cold, the matte is very dry, the pearls are grayish

P4 RING THE ALARM A warm and full-fledged plate, which is the most practical one, the same as the first one, except for the rose pink, the other color saturation is not so high.

P5-6 BLING BOSS is mainly gray-purple, and the powder is quite dry. The last color is really wonderful! It’s great! Unfortunately, it’s too strong, it’s not used everyday.

It may be a quality control problem. I think this set is slightly better than the one I have touched before. I am comforted by myself. The price is cheap. I can choose a favorite color to buy back and play.