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My Morphe Family

Morphe is simply a fighter in the cheap eye shadow, not only the brush is easy to use, the eye shadow disk is also a must.

A large plate, the price is not high, it covers a variety of light colors, dark pearl, matte, one plate is enough to create all kinds of eye makeup.

The first dish I entered was of course the cooperation of Jaclyn Hill.

The color of this plate is really rich. Unlike the previous Morphe, there are a lot of similar colors. The color of the plate is more vivid and the color of the shadow is also there to create more different types of complete makeup. Eye shadows go all over the world

The pearl of this plate is extremely soft. Very creamy. The dry brush is also very colored. Of course, the effect is better with a wet brush. (I personally like to use the charm M.A.C vitality makeup moisturizing spray)

The matte color of this disc is not as good as the pearl light. The feel is not the same. It feels better to compare it with chunky. From my test color, I can also see that the color rendering is not so high. It is a good thing for novices. It’s not easy to start too heavy. The panda eye is not so prominent for the fairies who are pursuing matt color. It takes more time to add up. It is the easiest eyebrow to be used by novices.

In general, this plate is worthy of the color. The price is low, even if the matte powder is not satisfactory, but the pearl color accounts for a large proportion and the color of the color is first-class. If you really don’t like the fairies, you can also go to the Morphe home. The bead disc avoids the shameless light

Because this pearl is too satisfying for me, I silently entered another disk.

35O is Morphe’s classic everyday earth color palette. I entered the 35OM and 35OS is a 35O promotion version of the special matte disc and bead disc (one divided into two). If it is not like me, it is a super invincible love makeup for practicality. More than 35O, combined with matte and pearl

These two dishes are just as good as the whole powder. It is very suitable for fresh nude makeup and deep eye sockets. It can be regarded as the most daily earth color eye shadow tray (recommended pearl or wet brush or finger color effect is better) You can buy in the official website as a bundle, and buy two cheaper than a separate single.

Because I like to study different makeup recently, I started to add some brighter colors. The 35B covers most of the colors that are needed. It is enough to play. The practicality is really not very high. It is purely for the fairies who like to play makeup or love colorful.

12S is more suitable for travel than the big market. I chose the most basic color scheme. Of course, there are many other color combinations for all kinds of fairies.

In addition to the plates I have entered, there are other red dates, purple, orange, and various large plates. Matte pearls. Each plate covers the base color. Bright colors. Shadow colors can create countless perfect eye makeup.

In addition to the Jaclyn Hill cooperation disk for 18 dollars, the other is 13 dollars. The small plate is 10 dollars. In addition to these two sizes, there is also a medium size (25 colors, 10 dollars, super cost-effective)

Of course, there is a lot of repeating similar colors between each disc (after all, they are pursuing a complete eye makeup for each disc). Fairy consumers of rational consumption can choose the most suitable color palette for their purchase. A few monochromes are in a lot of dishes. (Morphe also has 151 kinds of monochrome eye shadows that are cheap and easy to use. One dollar can create a unique eye shadow tray. It is not so cost-effective.)